About Me

In 2007 I discovered the joy of culinary recycling when I had my first child, Elderflower, and I decided to eat my placenta. I reserved some for a placenta milkshake (click here for a recipe) while the remaining afterbirth was dried and placed into capsules.

The joy I experienced at being able to nourish myself with the same incredible organ that sustained my baby was extreme. However, it was only the beginning, as I soon realised that the body of my new child was capable of creating a host of nutritious – and FREE – foods that I could consume and share.

And so I began a symbiotic relationship with my children – as I nourished them with my body and breasts, they could reciprocate by allowing me to take nourishment from their bodies.

I have been culinary recycling for almost eight years, and I now wish to share my experience and recipes with you. So welcome to Baby Steps: I hope your journey is as fulfilling and flavoursome as mine has been.
Para Dee Jones
Founder, Baby Steps

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